Padel Classes and Lessons

Padel Clinics and Lessons



Director of Padel, Debbie Brown,  Level 1 Instructor (FIP/British Padel) at PSLC is happy to announce details of the new Padel programme for the coming months.



Each clinic is limited to 4-6 participants for beginner and intermediate players.  Clinics are an hour of instruction leading up to match play and conditioned games.  If you prefer to keep the clinic to 4 the cost is €65 for 6 sessions and 6 people is €50 for 6 sessions.  Each lesson participant must share cost of the court at €10 per clinic.

Junior Intermediate Clinic – Weekday’s:
Each clinic is limited to 6 participants and is for kids ages 8-17.   This is an intermediate clinic offered once 4-6 students have signed up.  Clinics will be right after school in the 3:00 pm and 4 pm time slots.  Contact Debbie if interested.  Cost is €50 for 6 weeks.

Pee Wee Padel & Junior Padel – Saturday’s:
Pee Wee Padel:  Saturday @ 9 am – ages 4-7

Mini racquets and balls make it a lot easier for the kids to make contact and enjoy the sport.  Hand/eye coordination and motor skills training will be introduced, with plenty of variety to keep the kids engaged.  Cost is €50 for 6 weeks.


Junior Padel:  Saturday – TBD – ages 8-17

Boys and girls will participate in drills, skills, strategy and games.  Please contact Debbie if you are interested in starting a Junior Padel clinic.  Cost is €50 for 6 weeks.

Intro to Padel:
If you are interested in learning how to play padel we can introduce an Intro Class.  The first Intro session let to each of the participants moving to set clinics.  Once there are 6 participants signed up the clinic will commence.  The cost is €50 for 6 weeks.

Training includes feeding drills, skill building and one on one games.  Clinics include drills and games.

Private and Semi Private Lessons:
Private lessons are offered for €30 per hour plus €10 court fees and I am available almost any time that suits you.

Semi private lessons are €15 for two people plus €10 court fees for one hour and are a great way to learn with a friend and enjoy some healthy competition!  For a group of 3 or more (limit 4) it will be €40 including court fees.  This is the perfect opportunity to get schools and other groups involved in Padel – spread the word!

SUMMER PADEL LEAGUE – July to September
Summer league commenced in July and ends in September.  Please work to get your league matches in as soon as possible so we don’t have to extent into October.

Play will commence at the end of September to October and will run through the end of the year.  Matches will be scheduled at your convenience.  If you are interested please contact Debbie.

Every Sunday players sign up for match play and are guaranteed a minimum of two 45 minute matches.  Match play is overseen by Debbie who coaches strategy and technique.  This is a good opportunity to mix around partners and work on things you learned in clinics, or just get some games in.  You must sign up in advance and you will know what time you play in advance.  Cost is €10.

Stay tuned for details of upcoming social events and activities.  If you have any suggestions or if there’s anything else you’d like to see happening at the PSLC Padel court, please let us know!