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Padel Tennis (or just “Padel”)

Padel is a mixture of Lawn Tennis, Real Tennis, Racquetball, and Squash Racquets.

Padel is simple to learn and play.

The scoring is the same as Tennis.

The serve is underhand and hit below the waist.courtball





The Ball looks like a tennis ball but with slightly less pressure.

padel ball


The racquet (or “Pala”) is of foam and carbon construction. It doesn’t have any strings.pala





The court has walls like a squash court and the walls can be feature in a rally once the ball has already visited the ground just once.

A glass and steel Padel Court
A glass and steel Padel Court


It is a doubles game.

Lady members

Padel is played both indoors and outside. Padel is very inclusive.
Padel can be played and enjoyed by kids and adults of all skill levels and physical capability.






Aodhnait Lombard
Kevin O'Brien
Backhand Drive
Taking a rest



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